Dr. Marianne Stelmaschuk
Lloydminster General Dentist

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Dr Marianne Stelmaschuk | Tooth Suite Family Dentistry | Lloydminster Family Dentist
Dr. Marianne Stelmaschuk

Born and raised in the Border City, Dr. Marianne Stelmaschuk is the principal dentist behind the bright smiles of patients at Tooth Suite Family Dentistry. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1991 with an Advanced Bachelor of Science Degree ( B.Sc.) and then again in 1996 with her Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree (DMD).

Dr. Stelmaschuk is a second-generation dentist as her father, Dr. Victor Stelmaschuk, practised in Lloydminster for 40 years, setting the bar for this dental office with regards to quality patient care with integrity. Dr. Marianne Stelmaschuk holds the honour of being the first lady dentist to serve patients in our Lloydminster community and surrounding area. Over the last 25 years, Dr. Marianne has been mentored by keen minds who have driven her the desire to strive for excellence in dentistry.

Aside from her commitment to dentistry, Dr. Stelmaschuk enjoys spending time with her husband, Dr. Kevin McEachern (Chiropractor) and travelling to other communities taking in their teens (Ava 19 yrs, Lara 16 yrs, and Jake 16 yrs) numerous sports and related activities.

Dentistry has afforded Dr. Marianne a lifelong opportunity to grow as a practitioner applying artistry and scientific principles in her daily work, always remembering that there is a person attached to the tooth who deserves compassion and an opportunity for better oral health.

Dr. Marianne Stelmaschuk is proud that Tooth Suite Family Dentistry
has been proudly serving Lloydminster for over 20 Years!


  • Graduate U. of S. – University of Saskatchewan, College of Dentistry, BSc, DMD
  • Graduate U. of S. – University of Saskatchewan, B.S. Advanced Biological Sciences


  • ADA – Alberta Dental Association
  • CDA – Canadian Dental Association
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Dr. Marianne Stelmaschuk is a Lloydminster General Dentist. She is not a specialist in Cosmetic or Family Dentistry. Cosmetic and Family Dentistry are not specialties recognized by the Alberta Dental Association & College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta (CDSA). She provides Cosmetic and Family Dental procedures such as Porcelain Veneers, Dental Crowns, Invisalign, and Teeth Whitening as part of her General Dentistry license. As a Lloydminster Family Dentist, she provides General Dental procedures for all ages within the family. Dr. Prabhjot Singh is a licensed Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon and can offer Oral Maxillofacial specialty services as part of his license.